Problem with v1.2.8

Next thing on my list - can you upload the attached file to your forums and call it via your browser?

Then see if you can login.

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.php   enableredirects.php (Size: 245 bytes / Downloads: 218)
Did as you suggested and the enableredirects.php displayed "Done" after being run .

But still getting the same CGI error message when i tried the forum .

Can you provide a link to the forums?


As previously said in this thread , The forum works fine for guests and normal registered users and the CGI error only happens when you try to login as the admin .
Sorry - just one other thing - can you send me a private message with an Administrative username/password I can login with?

Done .
Just for future reference, this problem has been fixed.

The get_server_load() function on Windows servers does not work correctly on some servers and thus Windows load detection has been removed from MyBB. The function in itself, loading the COM object is also relatively slow.
Wha hey - it works :-)

Thanks dude .

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