Responsive Consideration
I've just gotten started in theming myBB so here is my take.

A lot of people do access forums using their phones or tablets. I can speak from personal experience. I don't mind pinching to zoom in on a forum but I suppose mobile themes add a nice touch to a site. It makes the design feel more complete, more deliberate.

Making a theme mobile friendly requires an understanding of the viewport. You can think of it as the screen resolution of your computer. Yours might look ideal at 1280 x 720 but a smaller, older screen would be best viewed at 800 x 600 resolution. So it follows that a small mobile screen won't look its best at the same resolution that looks best on a computer.

It's also important to know about media queries. Essentially, using media queries means you can target CSS properties and style them specifically for small screen sizes without messing up the rest of your stylesheet.

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