Not Solved [How To?] Email moderator whenever there's a new post
Not Solved
Our Forum moderator is very busy and would like any new posts to our forum to be emailed to him.

We had a plugin which did this until 1.8, when it stopped working.
It was called "new member screening" by Ad Bakker
The functionality was this:
"Screen new users by requiring approval of their first post and send appropriate messages to moderators."
I believe it sent an email to our moderator every time a user posted something so he didn't have to log in to MyBB, but could check his email and then log in if needed.   

Is this functionality available in myBB or is a plugin needed?

Is there a replacement or update for the "new member screening" plugin that anyone knows about, that does the same thing?

I would be grateful for any information on this, thanks!

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