Why are there security questions?
(2017-04-11, 06:56 PM)laie_techie Wrote: I prefer security questions over image and game CAPTCHA because it's friendlier for people with disabilities or have JavaScript disabled.

If a human is solving the CAPTCHA, the methodology doesn't matter much, but security questions could make sure the visitor knows at least a little about your subject matter.

(2017-04-11, 03:31 AM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: Some people may choose not to use Google's services. In China, Google is not available at all. Some people would rather use anti-spam solutions which don't require using third party services. There's no downside to having security questions available -- it's still a very good solution against bots. Human spammers will always be a problem, which is where moderation comes into play.

Thanks for your answers. I prefer to use Google NoCaptcha-Recaptcha since it combines captchas with risk management systems. For example many Tor nodes are blocked from even attempting, it'll give you an error when you try to use, in other cases you'll submit the correct answer and be constantly told to try again (I went high as 12 until I was locked out) so it's harder on spammers. Sadly a large chunk of spam comes from countries like China so I don't care if they can't access the site.
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