Not Solved SQL Error: 1054 WHEN UPGRADING TO 1811
Not Solved
(2017-04-18, 04:14 PM).m. Wrote: you can try below SQL query to manually add missing column & then run the upgrade process again ..
ALTER TABLE `mybb_attachtypes` ADD COLUMN `enabled` tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '1' ;
see also common sql queries guidance

That fixed the first error, but now I have the following:

SQL Error:  1146 - Table 'mybb_2ndnl6cbb5.mybb_reportreasons' doesn't exist
Query:  SELECT * FROM mybb_reportreasons ORDER BY disporder

Just to clarify I'm upgrading from 1810 to 1811, I wasn't expecting too many changes between versions as to have new columns and even new tables.

Thank you in advance,

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