Not Solved Activation email not sending
Not Solved
I have had this exact same issue now for several years, on all of my various forums that I have setup (all using GoDaddy servers).

The test php works

$to = '[email protected]';
if(mail($to, 'Testing mail', 'This is a mailing test to see if PHP mail works.'))
echo 'Mail was sent by PHP';
echo 'PHP could not send the mail';

It shows as "Mail was sent by PHP" and I do get the email sent to the account (note: email address above was altered to prevent spam!)

So, PHP works but I can create a new login account and no activation email arrives, and requesting to have the activation email re-sent also appears to go through but the email is never received.

I have absolutely NOTHING in the System Mail log (under T&M).

I have tried everything off and on for a couple of years.  Is there anyway to fix this?

I did have to add PHP.PHP to the /inc/mailhandlers/ folder because there is not one included with any version of MyBB (at least from 1.6 on up).  Is there some version of PHP.PHP that should be used?  I mean, it seems to work if invoking the code above, just not through MyBB.

Any ideas?

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