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Not Solved [Performance] Successfully logging in is actually unsuccessful?
Not Solved
(2017-07-10, 02:54 PM)fizz Wrote:
(2017-07-09, 03:54 AM)manshi Wrote: Hello,

I run myBB on a localhost.

When I use Mozilla Firefox, I am able to log-in just fine and can use myBB perfectly.

However, if I use Google Chrome, I try to log-in and I reach the page that tells me that you have successfully logged in, but after that page I return to the board's index page and  notice that it still shows that I am a Guest, and the forum has the Login or Register buttons still showing.

I cleared my cookies on Google Chrome and attempted to log-in again but it did not work. 

Please advise. Thank you.
Sounds like a caching issue or something to do with the way the browsers handle localhost. The login error you're getting I've only ever gotten on localhost when my cookie settings were incorrect, but since it works in one browser and not the other I'm not sure. Did you try clearing your cache/cookies on firefox too? Because you may have inadvertently broke something while logged in on firefox but you're not seeing it yet because you have old cookies/cache. When did you start noticing that you couldn't login on Chrome and why? What did you do settings-wise to your board recently?
(2017-07-09, 10:11 PM)nuraman00 Wrote:
(2017-07-09, 08:19 PM)broatcast Wrote: stop asking in other threads... start a own thread if you not already did and wait for a reply. his problem is different from your problem... check if your host starts using caching.


I saw a thread that described a behavior that I experienced a few times, which was after I'd log in, it would still show that I was a guest.

I didn't make my own thread about it when I first saw it, because if I tried 2 or 3 times, or waited 2 or 3 mins, I'd be able to log in.

So since it wasn't a continuous problem, nor something that lasted very long, I thought it would be hard to reproduce or explain.

But then when I saw this thread, I thought if it's happening for more than one person, I might as well just say that I experienced it too.  Then follow this thread to see if there was any advice to @manshi.

Maybe my problem is caused for a different reason.  But I thought it was ok to post in this thread since the symptom (logging in successful but still showing guest) was the same.

I've seen people try and get help for other issues when different people had the same symptom, in other threads.
Likely a caching issue. If you can login after 2 or 3 minutes of just waiting, that's more than likely whenever your cache is getting refreshed and showing that you've logged in. You can look at your cookies before and immediately after logging in to see if any new mybb cookies are added related to login. If the cookies are being added immediately but you're still not logged in for a few minutes, it's almost certainly a caching issue.

Thank you.  Where can I look at my cookies?

This happened on different devices.  Only a few times though (maybe 3 different instances over the past 2 weeks).

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