Not Solved [How To?] Remove Certain Validations In Registration Process
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(2017-11-15, 06:32 PM)Michael2014 Wrote: Yes, through a plugin, I have this plugin but I paid 75 dollars for it, to have it custom made,
comes with a sidebar widget for index and portal and a custom registration page.
Mine is just

Google 1 click Captcha
(register button)

You could have someone build a plugin for you.

This sounds like exactly what I want, but with a very steep price tag sadly. I wouldn't think it'd be that hard to accomplish, but I suppose I'm wrong.

(2017-11-16, 01:42 AM)Wildcard Wrote: I'm using a custom system on my forum with just username, email, password-- but it has thus far increased my spammer sign-up a little. I'm working to mitigate that through other means so I can keep the sign up simple.

The main thing is that not everything is optional-- mainly the confirmation fields for pass and email. You will either have to use JavaScript to match correctly named hidden elements to the value of the pass and email elements or use a plugin to copy the $mybb->input variables to the confirmation indexes.

The security question can be used in full registration and bypassed in the modal by setting hidden fields with the security question id and the answer value.

If you go this route, you will probably need to add some email blacklist entries for known spam accounts as well as seeking out other methods to prevent spam. Sadly, making it easier for potential users also makes it easier for spammers.

I feel like if there was a way to add the captcha in the mix of this then it would solve most problems, and worries. 

I've got all the hidden values down for everything, and I'm fine with having confirmation for password and email. 

It's just I can't get the recaptcha working appropriately. 
Whenever I try implementing it into the modal, it doesn't show up. And even if I wanted to take the risky route and pretty much allow spam bots to sign up, I wouldn't know how to disable the recaptcha only for registration. (As I'm pretty sure the captcha Form Creator uses, goes off the settings for the registration captcha, so disabling it would disable it in all of my forms)

To sum this up. Is there a way to add the registration recaptcha, into a registration modal? I would think so, but I suppose I'm trying all the wrong ways.

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