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Showcase Forum Guidelines
We are fairly leniant when it comes to the type of content on the forums advertised here, or the presentation of how you can show your forums to other users, but here is rather basic Do's and Dont's.

Forum Content

Any forums advertised here that contains the following will be subject to deletion:
  • Illegal activity (warez, pornography, etc.)
  • Racism or hate related content
  • Any other inappropriate content

Of course MyBB doesn't control the type of content board owners place on their forum, but if your board contains any of the above, please look somewhere else to advertise your forum.

Note* We will not hesitate to delete posts that have links to forums which have objectionable content. We are NOT obligated to PM or warn you in any way why we deleted your post. Consider yourself WARNED.


We won't force this rule to be followed word for word, but this is a basic guideline of how you can start off your advertisement of your board. It'll better help you organize your content and benefit other users as they will get a better understanding of what the nature your forum is.

Intro: Put in a small intro of what your board is about
Forum Link: Users need a way to view your forum.
Extra Comments: Any other info you might want to add

Big Note: Your forum HAS to be powered by MyBB and MUST contain the MyBB Copyright.

The minimum copyright is:
Powered by <a href="">MyBB</a> / Copyright © 2008 <a href="">MyBB Group</a>
You may add your own copyrights in addition to the minimum copyright we require you have.
Rate me if I have helped you
I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with MyBBThemes
Hi guys,

Please remember to be constructive with your feedback. Being intentionally sarcastic or rude doesn't help anyone.


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