[Rejected] Language variables with spritf keeps first value and all language vars.

Even i was sent in here but still waiting validation.

I have comented lang part into postbit with the common errors and in new templates i have to add multi instances to retrieve code besides one var or lang var. Maybe i am doing something wrong and no problem mate i know how hard is mantain the code up to date.

Thanks for your time.

I was taken the value from a new serialized data into posts and when i dump the var all values are right, if i use the code in parts it is fine too but if i use sprintf then the same value keeps it as the first one result.

In new templates i have to do the same.

If you can review that to help me on the right way to write all missing parts in this plugin it would be awesome.

Ok i have make a video of what i mean.

In ajax all works fine, even if i write lang vars with the value but do not with sprintf, only some parts works fine even if i put into a post var same happens, the value are there but only if i set without sprintf works fine.

Thanks in advance.
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