Getting started with MyBB 1.9 development - Composer
(2018-06-25, 01:43 AM)effone Wrote: The admin login url issue you have mentioned has been fixed lately. Not yet merged tho...

I do not know where I should write this... so post here... sorry

that was my Resume of Testing today, maybe some are Ready Fixed how did he write effone in the last post

1. Registration.
there are html  <abbr title=, and some boxes are not aligned, and Display some text of:
[Image: registro.png]

2. when try to Register display error SQL: 1054 - fid4.
[Image: sql_error.png]

3. the user cannot enter to the showthread.php?tid=2 via Threads but Yes in default home with Last Post

4. When Delete a post display some green window but if Not information
[Image: verde.png]

5. when send via email a post not display the (Remitente Desconocido).
[Image: Captura_de_pantalla_2018_06_24_a_las_10_09_18_p_m.png]

6. Get More Smiles, Not Display More Smiles.  Javascript:void(0)

7. User Control Panel, Display <span title="
[Image: Captura_de_pantalla_2018_06_24_a_las_10_31_44_p_m.png]

this week I'm still testing....

looks very good!

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