Getting started with MyBB 1.9 development - Composer
(2018-06-25, 06:24 PM)Euan T Wrote: Yep, there are still a few issues.

The issue for the registration date (and other dates) should be fixed when this PR is merged and dates are moved to use the "my_date" Twig filter:

Ok, Eaun T,  Well today I had the opportunity to test again and I want to put the few mistakes I found.
I think many are already reported via Github, I just want to put the report of the tested maybe he can help someone.

Template Conversion to Twig Format

1. announcement: Not Display in Forums
2. announcement_edit: Work Perfect in Admin CP but in Mod CP not Display
3. announcement_quickdelete:  Work Perfect in Admin CP but in Mod CP not Display

attachment icon: work perfect
almost everything works well with the Attachment 

1. calendar: Work Perfect
2. calendar_addevent: Work Perfect
3. alendar_addeventlink: Work Perfect
4. calendar_addevent_calendarselect: Work Perfect
5. calendar_addevent_calendarselect_hidden: Work Perfect
6. calendar_addprivateevent: Work Perfect
7. calendar_addpublicevent: Work Perfect
8. calendar_day:: Work Perfect
9. calendar_dayview:: Work Perfect
10. calendar_dayview_birthdays : no testeado
11. calendar_dayview_birthdays_bday: no testeado
12. calendar_dayview_event: Work Perfect

almost everything works well with the calendars except the moderation part

Resume Another Text on the Software
1. forumdisplay_thread_rating  Not Display.
[Image: rating.png]

2. /stats.php lost style

3. Much Memory Used in Statistics Report on mybb 1.9
example Report MyBB1.9: home ACP/ Generated in 214 ms with 17 queries. Memory Usage: 6 MB
example Report MyBB1.8: home ACP/  mybb 1.8.x : Generated in 862 ms with 17 queries. Memory Usage: 2 MB

4. Search Results, When Used search the prefix display:  
[Image: prefix.png]

5. that happened when try to loggin in MyBB 1.9
You have entered an invalid username/password combination. <br /><br />If you have forgotten your password please <a href="member.php?action=lostpw">retrieve a new one</a>.

7. Buddy request received, when try to respon via pm display:
One or more of the recipients you specified are not registered usernames. Invalid recipients: Array
[Image: array.png]

I'll wait a little longer to test again  Big Grin

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