[Rejected] MyBB error 42

A couple days ago I was forced to restore a forum back up because of the internal error of needing to upgrade my forum. However, this error came out of nowhere for the following reasons:

- The forum was installed on a 1 click installer (Nov.30) with MyBB version 1.8.14
- I did not access FTP or file manager without 48 hours so I am not sure how an install folder appeared. I am the only one with access to File uploading.
- I posted a message and the site did refuse to connect before the error occurred.
- An auto-upgrade was not selected (the only installed version was the current version)?
- Apparently, my database was deleted since an attempt to try and upgrade my username and password were invalid as if I never had an account (never changed my password or shared it).

I am positive this error is 1 in 100 chance of occurring, but could you guys investigate this? I spent hours with my hosting provider with suspicious activity or how the install folder got there, and they told me nothing was found from the logs. Users tried to help my error, but my only option was to backup a few days (which I am backing up daily).

This could be a security issue, but this is like rare and I really do not want this to happen on any live board and hopefully there is a solution if it does happen.
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