Is there any estimate for mybb 1.9?
(2018-08-16, 12:27 PM)Serpius Wrote:
(2018-06-14, 07:18 PM)Euan T Wrote: Also note that conversations and alerts aren't planned to be a part of 1.9, but may happen in another future release such as 1.10.

Ok... about that 'Conversations' thing.

What is the difference between 'PMs' and 'Conversations'?

I have read that elsewhere and I'm not totally convinced that adding 'Conversations' is necessary for MyBB. 

Alerts, on the other hand, should become part of the MyBB core. 
So many Admins request this feature. This can be coded to be toggled On or Off depending on Admin preference.
Why wait until 1.10.xx for this? I don't see the logic of putting that feature on hold.
Why not add the Alerts to the MyBB core during the 1.9.xx series?

Conversations is more real-time in a sense and allows for multiple participants to converse. I'd say this is definitely necessary if we want to keep up with today's standards and compete against social media sites.

The team's made some great progress with 1.9 as of late. We're (or most) all agreed that 1.9 needs to come out and it needs to come out quick mainly due to the responsive theme, so why would we delay this even more by adding another main feature to the 1.9 map? Adding alerts to 1.9 would probably set us back months.
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