Solved: 2 Years, 10 Months ago login Authorization code mismatch. (fixed)
Solved: 2 Years, 10 Months ago
(2018-07-05, 10:54 AM)drguild Wrote: Yes there are multiple entry points.

Also its NOT something MyBB should revert as it appears to have been done as a security measure by parsing along a hidden code with the login to avoid login spoofing.

However MyBB should have picked it up with custom themes and added a message in blog the announcement of 1.8.16 about it and the change required.
Also they didn't this pick this up on there portal login which I noticed as above.

One should ALWAYS read the change notes as important changes should be listed which I do,
However it is crucial that any QA pick up custom theme etc core breaking changes and they should be listed as well as what is required in a upgrade.

As there have a few bugs passed through, youtube, moderation logs and now a change to a secure login on themes portal was missed.
I think more QA and polish is needed, mby also an staggered release cycle, with staff / acknowledged developers (themes/plugins/etc) getting the changes first before its released to everyone.

Would help save any more issues especially with 1.9 being a massive change.

You said it better than I did!

Just to follow-up on this 'Mismatch' issue...

I was INCORRECT to assume that when I changed all of the codes in those themes that my website uses, the problem was solved. NOPE!

Here's what happened... I had switched to one of the themes that more or less used the original default MyBB theme, except this was the dark version of it. This Theme

I logged in just fine using that theme, then I used the theme selection thingy at the bottom of the main page, and lo and behold, I am able to use my custom theme!

Yes, I did read up on the changes in the CSS, but I am NOT a coder and I am not very well versed in CSS.

So, in seeing all of what is going on in the past few hours... it's obvious that the MyBB developers missed the boat completely in explaining EXACTLY what needs to be done to prevent this major error.

Could we be seeing a 1.8.17 coming out real soon to fix this error?

If so... MyBB developers better hurry up because the more admins make the upgrade to 1.8.16, the worst the issue will become.
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