Not Solved Want To Set Up An Appeals Forum For My Website
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(2018-07-26, 12:31 PM).m. Wrote: basically the method is explained here by Yaldaram

Edit: banned members may be set with access to the private inquiries section.


temporary banned members can be moved to a separate user group &
that user group should be able to access the specific private inquiries section.

I have set up a new forum on my website. Thanks for the link! Everything makes sense now!

Regarding the temporarily banned members.

Let's use 'Jane Doe' as an example. I temporarily banned her for 2 weeks. I put her in an user group called 'Temp Banned'.

That new user group 'Temp Banned' has the Private Inquiries forum permissions setup in the AdminCP. (as mentioned in the previous post)

Now, after the 2-week ban, Jane Doe is not AUTOMATICALLY moved out of the group 'Temp Banned'. 
That is something that the staff has to do manually.
If the staff gets busy or has one of their "bad memory days", Jane Doe is stuck in the wrong user group until she is put back into her regular user group.

The idea of a 'Temp Banned' user group is a good idea until the ban has expired. 

Unless there is a way that MyBB or a plugin can automatically move 'Jane Doe' back into her regular user group after the temp banned has expired, I can't create a new user group 'Temp Banned'. 

Any thoughts?
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