Not Solved Get more Smilies button not working
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(2018-07-30, 06:26 PM)Serpius Wrote:
(2018-07-30, 06:02 PM)zeroenigma Wrote: ctrl+f5 on my site and it will load

this is another issue I am having. I just did a upgrade to my old files and to the latest mybb and now it gives all users that error until the ctrl + f5 as you can see, the install folder is LONG gone and deleted. Yet the issue persists with forcing users to ctrl+f5 basically killing all traffic and even then smilies no longer load

The old web pages are still in the cache folder of the browser.

If you do the CTRL + F5, that will clear out the browser cache and the new web pages will load up.

Are you using Cloudflare?
Yes, I am using cloudflare but the forum is not included in the caching. I have several exclusions and the forum is one of them. Only out main site is cached by them. 

I turned off g-zip compression and even turned on send no cache to headers. So this should not be happening. 

Any tips? 

other than this our other issue with the smilies does not work no matter how many times I clear cache.

Ok I got it too work by just reuploading the entire code of the global css. It is now working but displaying at the bottom of my page like so:

How would I fix this?

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