Not Solved Preventing new replies in closed threads
Not Solved
Thank you both for your very fast replies.

Serpius, I've now checked all the settings both for individual users and for groups, but I can't see anything that would allow or prevent moderators posting in closed threads. Unless anyone can tell me otherwise, I guess it can't be done within the Admin CP.

Sarisisop, thanks for the link. I've read that entire thread, and although I don't think it will directly solve my problem, it did help me understand the issue a bit better. I'll have a close look at the relevant templates to see if I can come up with something myself.

Thanks again.


I've been digging around a bit more, and have found something interesting, but I'm not sure where to go next.

In admin/forum_management.lang.php, there are a whole bunch of language variables that seem to be related to moderators' permissions, but which don't correspond to any settings in the Admin CP.

The language variable that seems particularly relevant to my problem is can_post_closed_threads. The actual text of the variable is "Can post in closed threads?" (this is the British English language pack, but I don't see that makes any difference). I've looked everywhere in the Admin CP, but can't see any setting that relates to this option.

There are several other variables to which this also applies, such as "Can use custom moderator tools?" and "Can move threads to another forum this user doesn't moderate?". I'm not particularly interested in using these options at the moment, but I am curious as to why they are in the language file, but I can't see them anywhere in the user interface.

If anyone can throw any light on this, it might help me to solve my original problem. In particular, is it possible to "expose" these options in some way, or even to directly edit them within the database?

Thanks in advance.


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