Not Solved Preventing new replies in closed threads
Not Solved
Sarisisop, thanks for your reply.

I did exactly what you said. I can now see all the options for the moderator, including "Can post in closed threads?". I cleared this checkbox and then clicked Save Moderator.

But nothing has changed. When I log in as a member of Moderators, I can still post in the closed thread. I also removed a few other option (e.g. "Can soft delete posts?") as a test. But these options are also still available to the moderator.

I tried the above for both the entire moderator group and for one individual moderator. I also tried it at the category level and the forum level. Same result in all cases.

When I go back to the Edit Moderator page, the checkboxes are still cleared, so they are obviously being saved. But they are not being acted on.

Do you know if there is any way I can - as it were - look behind the scenes, to see if the options have been correctly set? Presumably they are stored in the database, but I wouldn't know where to start looking.

Thanks for your on-going help.


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