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(2018-08-01, 03:09 PM)sarisisop Wrote: I think you could be confusing "Moderators" with "Forum Moderators"

"Moderators" can do everything but "Forum Moderators" can only do what is checked in the boxs.

Don't use a Moderator as a Forum Moderator if you see what I mean. Let's say member Dave is in the group Newbie, you can add Dave or the group Newbie as moderators of a chosen forum.

If Dave is already in in the "Moderator" group then he will still be able to do everything.

Make a new group called Dave's Gang and make that group a moderator of a forum or as many as you like, choose the permissions you want that group to have. Put Dave in that group and he will only be able to do what you choose, but if you make him a "Normal Moderator he will be able to do everything.

I think that's the best way I could explain it.

Remember  "Moderators" see all and can do all.

"Forum Moderators" can only do what you choose.

Hope that helps.

That is mostly true... let me explain...

On my website we have a forum called 'Staff'. Non-staff users cannot see the forum.

I set up that forum where the Moderators can view and post in that forum.

However, the Moderators do not have permission to delete, modify, sticky or close any threads in the 'Staff' forum. 
That means the Moderators cannot "do it all" in that forum. 
Only my Admin and I (in the Owner group) can do it all.
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