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[For 1.8] Serifon Theme
After managing to successfully create 2 compete paid themes, Serpius offered a suggestion in which I create a free theme.

Seriforn is a light MyBB theme, which is highly compatible with most of the popular MyBB 1.8.x plugins.

Feel free to try out the theme and it's mechanisms, any feedback will be highly appreciated.

[Image: wAaqhck.png]

Note: this theme is not responsive, it's merely made to offer you a glimpse, responsive version requires payment.

Main Features:
Quote:- Clean, simple and understandable design
- Contains header image background (can be changed to suit the user's liking)
- Contains Font Awesome forum status icons
- Contains Social media Buttons
- Contains Sidebar
- Contains Custom Profile
- Contains Bootstrap v3.3.7
- Contains Font Awesome v5.2 (Latest Version)

Plugins Support:
Thank You/Like System
Forum team online
Latest Post

To Download:

Paid Version Features:
Quote:- Contains Various fully responsive mechanisms
- MyBB images replaced with Font Awesome icons:
     1. User Control Panel Font Awesome Icons
     2. Moderator Control Panel Font Awesome Icons
     3. Postbit Button Font Awesome Icons
     4. User Star Font Awesome Icons
     5. Online/Offline Colored Font Awesome Icons
     6. Thread Status Font Awesome Icons
- Custom color chosen by the buyer

index responsive:
Forum Display: (Responsive
Show Thread: (Responsive
User Control Panel: (Responsive
Moderator Control Panel: (Responsive
Show Team: (Responsive

Payment: 10$ (Contact me via PM or by Email [email protected])

Support for the free version will be in this thread only, anyone wanting to report a bug, offer a suggestion or give feedbacks can do that here.
Paid customers will be able to have a special treatment.

If the free theme caught your attention and earned your admiration, feel free to check out my other paid themes
Theme #1
Theme #2

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