How to reinstall a fresh copy of MyBB without data loss
(2018-08-12, 07:07 PM)kingkong Wrote: Hello!

I'm using the latest version of MyBB software and i'm new to it.My forum's root directory was infected by some abuser who uploaded a login folder to my root directory by creating a phising link,i have removed the link but i am having continous FTP password changes on my forum.

My ACP password isn't changed but the FTP has been changed already twice in the last month.

The FTP pass is the same that is used to access the Control Panel.That means,i am neither able to access CP nor FTP.

What could be causing this?I think there are some infected files in the forum's root directory and i would like to reinstall a fresh copy of MyBB.

But my problem is how to do it without losing the database and every single setting?

Please help me.

I'm worried.


For starters... you need to change the AdminCP password. I'm surprised that you haven't figured that out.

Then... change the password for the FTP and the cPanel, but DO NOT make them the same password for both. Don't do it. 

In short... you need 3 different passwords. 

Do it now before someone does take over your entire setup.
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