Not Solved [How To?] What encryption does myBB use for passwords?
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What encryption/hashing is myBB using for passwords stored in the DB?

What other security features are being used by myBB?


Nvm, I checked the code myself and found this...
function salt_password($password, $salt)
	return md5(md5($salt).$password);

MD5 is super-outdated and deemed unsafe. Updating this to a more secure encryption should be prioritized!

MD5 and SHA-1 are emphatically poor choices for storing passwords. The problem is not their collision-resistance; it's that they're designed to be extremely fast. A modern GPU can attempt upwards of billions of passwords per second when brute-forcing through a list of hashes. This can shred through every possible eight-character alphanumeric password in at most a few days; that's with just one GPU.

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