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Not Solved Authorization code mismatch. Problem
Not Solved
(09-22-2018, 01:20 AM)dhc1 Wrote: I've got the same Authorization problem, and thus can't log in as admin CP to edit templates.

This is a fresh install of MyBB 1.8.19, with the BootBB theme installed. I've read (and re-read), which says:

"Note that upgrade scripts will revert naïve templates and will handle the change automatically. This guide is aimed at all who have custom themes with these templates customized."

So, I'm new to myBB, and I can't find any documentation on these automatic updates. Is there any?

In my case, do I just re-upload the "BootBB-theme.xml" and direct my browser to the /install/ directory?

Please start your own thread under theme support. There are no automatic MyBB updates.
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