Not Solved Authorization code mismatch. Problem
Not Solved
(2018-09-23, 01:38 PM)iKsu Wrote:
(2018-09-21, 02:58 PM)Serpius Wrote:
(2018-09-21, 06:17 AM)iKsu Wrote: It's MyBB Default Theme and all users are using it as same..
So if i changed the theme problem will be fixed?

A wise word...

Always, always... go to the default MyBB theme if you are experiencing any issues with other themes. 

If you DO NOT find any issues with the default MyBB theme, then you can be assured that the problem is with one or more of your themes. 

DO NOT ever assume that ALL themes are free from problems. That's is a mistake you will make. 

Delete ALL bad themes from your website and start with a good high-quality theme. DO NOT delete the default MyBB theme. Leave it alone!

Upload and install THIS THEME and FOLLOW all instructions including uploading the appropriate files and images. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

Report back to us if you have any further issues.
Hey, i tried this and there is no sense
Nothing Changed!
Please say any other solution?

It's obvious this is a theme issue. 

Go to this FORUM and ask for a resolution to your theme issues.
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