Not Solved Can't access certain templates (403 forbidden)
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hey, been working on my forum for a while. it's over here at as you can see, it's also totally broken.

yesterday, i tried to log into my forum on someone else's laptop. however, upon getting into admin CP, i couldn't edit certain templates, like the header or footer. others i could change, as well as the stylesheet, but i absolutely can't modify the header. i thought maybe reverting the code and then replacing it with my customized version again would fix the problem, but unfortunately, i just totally lost the header code since i did all that work on someone else's laptop.

upon logging into cpanel to see if there was a permissions issue (despite the fact that i don't remember changing any permissions since the last time i could access the templates) i got some sort of block that mentioned unusual activity from the IP i was on, and prompted a captcha before i could log in again. i could get into cpanel after that, but i never could edit the templates, so i gave up and logged out of everything (i never save PWs on pcs, also).

today, i tried once again to log in to do some work on my forum (thru the forums, not cpanel) and encountered the same issue. it seems i can sometimes make minor edits to my templates, but i can never fully replace the code i had before that was necessary for the entire site to run. everything is very unpredictable. upon trying cpanel i encountered the same issue again, with the "unusual activity" warning and the captcha.

i am worried i am somehow blocked because of this "unusual activity" which is worrying because all the scans i have run (avast, then malwarebytes) came up clean for my pc. i'm not an avid torrenter or anything; the fact that it took me a week to download filezilla to transfer plugin files to my WIP forum because i was so paranoid should be a good indicator of how little i stray from trusted sites at this point in my life and how little i download anything besides flickr images. i do, however, know that one other person i live with (the same person whose laptop i borrowed when on the trip away from home) does download some more sketchy stuff sometimes, and so if it's possible mybb is blocking me because of my shared IP with them... i guess i'll ride them harder to keep their PC clean.

BUT if i've just somehow forgotten to get my permissions correct, i want to get that sorted out. i have cache/themes set to 775, and i've experimented with making each individual file 775, but it didn't change anything, so i switched them back.

this was never an issue before yesterday in the... month lol i've been using mybb, everything has been smooth. any clue what could be the culprit & if this is a permissions issue?

also, forgot to mention, the edit UI (with the line counter) has also completely vanished and my code is in plain text, as seen here.

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