Not Solved Issue With GentalDark Series: Part 3 ACP Theme
Not Solved
(2018-10-22, 08:25 AM)Serpius Wrote: Fixed!! 

I had to fix both Gentelive and Gentelpan styles.php files.

Cool beans, glad you got it sorted. Smile Yep, been meaning to get around to that edit for all related pkgs for awhile but I just hadn't gotten the free time for it yet..., at some point I also need to fix the login styling as for a good while mybb core had a bug breaking all login styling for any custom acp theme..., thus breaking all custom acp login styling...., the bug got fixed but whatever changes where made they caused highly customized login styling to no longer function. Have yet to find the free time to focus on that for the 8 genteldark versions and default respo version, though it is on my massive todo list if and or when I get around to having free time soley on that focus to do so.

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