Not Solved Designers: What do you do when you find a forum that removed your copyright?
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It's happened to me, So I stopped releasing any themes I had planned and pulled the current one. I also pulled my theme because people were copying the colors right down to the outline border colors and making similar buttons, then changing the images and calling it there own (Images still resembling mine to a degree), after I spent hours (Maybe more like days buy the time I was done) making sure all my colors were spot on and looked good. Basically stealing my ideas. So since you can't copyright anything but graphics, I said screw it. Not worth my time headache or effort to deal with scum like that.

However, I encourage everyone else to keep making those themes.. As some designers are used to dealing with these issues frequently and also may have more tolerance of others and situations like that than I.

Also, if you make themes, little secret, google your themes copyright to see who is using your themes. For example, type in Audentio into google and see what you find Big Grin I typed in my real name and I was surprised to see a few still using my theme, one forum was actually pretty freaking big and I was digging it. Big Grin

Bottom line, you make the theme and put it out there, you will "ALWAYS" find someone using it illegally and flipping you the finger when you asked them to put it back. And, if they're from a country that could give a rats lime about internet or copyright laws the reality is, expect it. It will happen. There's a certain "something to be said" about people who donate their time to free projects for the better of the community. Usually these people are giving people, some us it as a negative motive, but most don't. If that's where your heart is, then greatness to you for being so considerate, kind and giving to your fellow humans.

My long 2 cents

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