Not Solved Designers: What do you do when you find a forum that removed your copyright?
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voronv Wrote:Yes, we all appreciate their work. And all these postings "Ah, this's so beautiful" are nothing less than demonstration of our tributes and appreciation. You want more? - Go commercial. Don't mix a pleasure and a business.

Perhaps I misunderstand, but...People placing their opinions on someones work is completely different than the actual piece of work holding an acknowledgment to the creator. It doesn't matter where you go, you will not find a person who does not want credit for their hard work. It doesn't matter if its a photo or a time-staking complicated piece of software, copyrights not only show that the piece of work has an owner, but it also gives credit to either the owner, the actual creator, or in most cases, both.

And this bot, this sounds like a great idea, I can't imagine this idea actually available and it not known by me XD. With all my time with forums, I never heard of such a thing. I always thought copyright infringement was caught only by noble people reporting the infringer...

One more thing regarding copyrights. I learned how to encrypt content and base it off a main source so that if the content is altered, the source would not load. Now I wouldn't say its impossible to do to my themes, and if Im not mistaken, MyBB has something similar on their copyright, but it is not my place to make the software not work just for editing my copyright, and Im not going to try it.
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