Not Solved Designers: What do you do when you find a forum that removed your copyright?
Not Solved
voronv Wrote:And, BTW, I have an answer to that person with no manners : where else to post your works if you want to sell it? -Try eBay.
Dont know who you are directing this at, but it seems to me, that he person causing the rudeness is you, no offense of course.

voronv Wrote:Ecommerce normally should be prohibited in any form on open source and public domain sites. If only I'm not awared and you make generous donations to this site and its founders let you do what you do because of this.

Since no one is going to say it, I will. I think you need to reread the thread because no where in this thread, nor on this forum or anywhere near this forum, are there signs asking you to donate to the designers or developers. Chris Boulton and his team have a donations page, and most designers do. People like firefoxwiz and myself who do free premade and custom themes don't receive a dime off of the skins we make. There are other designers as well. Furthermore, none of us have a "donate to use before you download this skin or use our services".

In my very humble opinion, MyBB is the very last place that flames including payments should be discussed XD

DrPoodle Wrote:Also, this thread is starting to get out of hand. The topic is about the removal of copyright, not the morality of copyright. If you want to discuss that then please create a new thread.

My apologies! Perhaps we can change the title of the thread? Im sure everyone will tone it down.
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