Not Solved Designers: What do you do when you find a forum that removed your copyright?
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flick Wrote:However, there is a post I've found wonderfully helpful for matters about copyright/credits removal under a GPL license that hopefully might make interesting reading for some. It's a blog post called Price of Freedom by Photo Matt aka. Matt Mullenweg, founder of Wordpress, which many will know of and use, which can be found here:

I would encourage everyone to read the post in full...

I did exactly that (read in full that great blog) and I would say you this: I feel I'd be better understood if expressed my thoughts THERE.
Besides the great citation provided by you I have found a couple more that are amazingly in sync with my own beliefs, for example:

"James: Again, attribution is one thing. Every designer/developer should receive the credit that is due to them. However, designers and developers do not have the right to prevent users from changing the code other than the source code credits. Users don’t even have to retain the link back to the designer’s or developer’s site. They only have to retain the source code credits."

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