Not Solved Designers: What do you do when you find a forum that removed your copyright?
Not Solved
PwnEm Wrote:Not to start fights with anyone here, BUT... I feel you are jumping to conclusions voronv.
Not quite so. You may find sort of confession made by somebody earlier in this thread. And you may see it again in replies to this post below.
PwnEm Wrote:Google for instance offers free services, like GMAIL etc. and guess what? They are making $.
Goggle is not a community site: it's supposed to make money.
Yes, their tactics is also based on bate, but I guess the difference is that the myBB site was never considered as a bate to be later transformed into a money machine. At least I see it this way.
PwnEm Wrote:And once again, I don't have anything against you, I just have a different opinion than you, and I think the example I mentioned got my point across.
I also am not against of freelancers. I was once a freelancer myself too. I also don't support the idea of removing the copyright signs from any kind of a published work (see my very 1st post on this thread: "I absolutely agree with the idea that everybody shall obey the copyright law"), so we absolutely agree on this, don't we? If you find it anywhere in my messages that I was encouraging anybody to remove the copyright signs from protected stuff, pls post it here. Otherwise it is a lie.

What we then disagree upon is that I oppose to the idea of publishing anything on community sites like this one under proprietary licenses. I would say NO to anything be allowed to get published here under conditions other then GNU GPL or Lesser GPL. Anywhere else, please. This is not the right place for profiteering, period.

I'm done on this thread and I am satisfied since I've got what I was looking for: the answer to my question: "why would those who create the stuff and post it on public forums obviously encouraging everybody to use it would want to impose the copyright protection on it?" And the answer was: they want to profiteer on it.
Their excuse is lovely, LOL: by them this site ( was created not for the purpose of letting people freely download myBB open-source software and sharing ideas on how to set up their sites with it, but to "open a huge opportunity" for profiteers to freely advertise their stuff to attract them more customers, lol. That's why some of them are not ashamed even to attach sponsor links to their preview and other links posted here.
Oh, BTW. They accidentally admitted that they also appreciate my another idea: that slogans like “Powered by Google” are much more appropriate on Website front-pages than “Copyright by Google”.

All right. As I was the only opponent here you may close this thread now. I may open a separate thread propagating this GNU license idea, later.

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