Not Solved Designers: What do you do when you find a forum that removed your copyright?
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Well Audentio, it's a half a dozen of one and a half a dozen of the other. Some require links back and some don't. I think I commented before in this post about some of these issues. Here's how I see it. If someone has a business, makes a living of it, "graphics, coding, software applications etc...." They should and justifiably have a link, it's how they feed themselves. However, if you don't make a true living off of it, that means one other thing from my past experiences... They want the traffic. I've found many times this to be the case. Someone has a dead site and thinks the link will somehow breath life into their community like a miracle. Then they put ads on their site thinking they'll become rich when all they're doing is annoying people. Not all the times this is the case, but most I've found. Then they use the excuse they deserve credit. When all they're really doing is trying to make a buck off you. There's also the people that make a plug-in that isn't used in the forums index, yet they'll try and take that over too with a link, very greedy IMO. If I added a link for all my plug-ins on my front page, it'd look herrendous...

My point here is often it's an abused system. Again, not all the time, but very frequent it seems. I got so tired of the BS I just quit using anyones stuff that had ridicules requirements. Have I suffered? Well, no. Not at all Smile I just made my own Smile

On the flip side of this, I made a theme once... Next I knew, people were trying to copy the colors scheme, header design, make similar images etc.... and call it their own idea. I say NOT. The first time I made a theme for public use was the last. If your gonna make themes, be prepared to expect certain things. One is, MANY people will push the legal boundaries you set forth and some will outright break them with a smile on their face and middle finger in the air at you.... Laws from each country vary, because of this prosecution is almost impossible and allows much room for copyrights violations and abuses. So again, my point here is, reality says, your chances of everyone using your link is not very good. Should they do it? I agree 100 percent they should if the creator asks for it. If only everyone in the world was honest *sigh*

And btw Audentio, I respect very much what you've done for this community. VERY admirable.

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