Not Solved Line Numbers Impossible To See in AdminCP Editor
Not Solved
In editing any template or CSS file, the line numbers are impossible to see. 

The line numbers are "overlaying" the file text as shown in the screenshot. It's hard to see, but you can see it.

Look at the screenshot. This is from the MyBB default AdminCP. Any other AdminCP theme has the same problem as well.
This issue shows up even in the Advanced Mode in the 'Templates & Style' section of the AdminCP. (as shown in the second screenshot)

How can I fix this so that the line numbers can be seen better and not interfere with the text in the file?

[Image: 9785959c489b3808a32118097bdab1df.png]

[Image: 24a2ace837e116a0baefcd1167a5c2f3.png]
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