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Not Solved Displaying rules in thread box before typing
Not Solved
(2018-11-26, 08:35 PM)Sgt Cheesepuffs Wrote: Is it possible to display the rules in the textbox before someone types in a thread? I tried the forum rules thing, but it puts the rules at the bottom and chances are people will ignore them. But what I'm looking at is something like this reddit page they have the rules in the text box, until you select it to type. Is it possible to do something like that? Maybe for each forum that have their own rules?

a background image upon inspection of element.  See below;

.commentarea .usertext textarea {
    background-image: url("//");
    background-repeat: no-repeat;

Just go to your link and right click then select inspect element.  Then you can see the CSS as well to replicate.

Link to .css file here:

EDIT: If you create a mod, post it up for others.

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