VPS/Dedicated Server MyBB Services
VPS/Dedicated Server MyBB Services

Hello! Do you run MyBB on shared hosting and want to migrate to a VPS or dedicated server? Or are you currently running MyBB on a VPS/dedicated server and want to switch between Apache/nginx or MySQL/PostgreSQL? I'm a professional Linux systems administrator with 5 years of experience, I have helped to manage the servers of two extremely large MyBB forums and used to run my own forum too. I can be hired to perform any of the following services;
  • migrate your MyBB forum from shared hosting to a VPS or dedicated server
  • install MyBB on your pre-configured* VPS or dedicated server
  • install nginx, PHP or PostgreSQL/MariaDB on your VPS or dedicated server, and optionally install MyBB too
  • perform configuration edits to nginx, PHP or PostgreSQL/MariaDB to improve the performance of your MyBB forum
  • harden the security of your forum if running on a VPS or dedicated server
If you need any services for MyBB on shared hosting, or work such as plugin/theme installation or customisation I highly suggest you contact Ben, or check out his MyBB services here.


Basic Deployment - $30.00 USD
Includes the following services;
  • Installation of nginx, PHP-FPM, Memcached and PostgreSQL on a fresh VPS/dedicated server**
  • Configuration of the above services to meet the specifications of your server and optimised for MyBB
  • Installation of MyBB on the newly prepared server

Enhanced Deployment - $50.00 USD
Includes the following services;
  • Everything from the Basic Deployment package
  • Security best practices and configurations applied. hardened PHP configuration
  • Certbot installed to generate and automatically renew free Let's Encrypt TLS certificates
  • Systemd/cron used to manage the MyBB tasks system to ensure they run consistently
  • Automatic filesystem and database backups configured (twice weekly, or nightly)


I take payment in PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

There is no set fee for anything I have mentioned above, except for any predefined packages. Each contract is decided on a case-by-case basis due to the unpredictability of your existing infrastructure or configuration. I usually charge around $15 per hour for my time though. My prices are probably more expensive than most people on this forum to do the same work, but I like to think that you get peace of mind your service is being handled by a professional and I take great care to meet your expectations when you hire me.

* If you need additional software such as PHP or a database server installing, this will cost a little more
** I do not provide the VPS/dedicated server, you must pre-purchase one yourself

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