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Just a few words about @kawaii's services.

After debating for a long time (6 months+), I finally took the plunge to move my entire website over to VPS.
(I won't go over all of the reasons why. I might open up another thread on another forum here in MyBB discussing this)

After seeing this thread from kawaii offering his services for setting up new websites on VPS. I asked him if he could transfer my website over to VPS. It was a slightly higher charge, but very reasonable. I accepted his charge and requested this service.

If you read the previous threads, kawaii did suggest a VPS service and recommended a package for the new VPS setup.

Here's what I have now:

RamNode - My new VPS service - Recommended by kawaii and it was very, very cheap for a monthly charge. So cheap, that I ended up pre-paying for 12 months.
nginx - Something new for me. My old setup used Apache, but from what I see/hear, nginx is supposed to be a bit faster.
PHP-FPM  7.2.14-1 - Latest version and all of my current plugins are working fine under this version.
MySQLi 5.6.41 - Latest version. This is the version that most MyBB admins are using these days. 
Adminer 4.7.0 - The replacement of phpMyAdmin - It is "vanilla" looking compared to phpMyAdmin, but all of the functions/features are the same. The learning curve for using Adminer is very small. (updated to 4.7.1 on February 6, 2019)
Let's Encrypt SSL - Free SSL certificate that is renewable every 90 days. Google this for more information.
Ubuntu 16.04 - Google this to get more info about this Linux distro.

If you want to set up your new or current website on a VPS, kawaii is an excellent choice to make this happen for you.

DISCLAIMER - Even though kawaii did state this in the 1st post in this thread... I'll say it again here.
You MUST obtain your own VPS service BEFORE you can have kawaii do this installation/configuration service for you.

As for recommending VPS service, I already mentioned RamNode. DigitalOcean is the other. 
Click on either link and compare prices/services for your area. 
Prices may differ from what I got.
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