Leaving a database record's "snapshot" at a post. [SOLVED]
Well, here i am (again) to ask another question. The last time I was looking for a way to create some sort of "character sheet" for my users to fill and I did it! Now, even though I can save it on my database, lock the view for those users who want to create another character and show the sheet at a post using the next tag: [hoja_de_personaje] which is replaced by a hook so it displays basic dat such a firstname, lastname, gender and age using a template... *takes a breath* I'm facing a new problem:

It works, it shows the template, replaces the variables and works like i wanted but... Can i leave some sort of snapshot instead of the updated data?

This is my template:

    $character_preview = '
    <h4>{$firstname} {$lastname}</h4>
    <b>Edad:</b> {$age}
    <b>Sexo:</b> {$gender}

That's what i show if an user writes "[hoja_de_personaje]" on its post. Now, this shows the exact same data that is on my database, which is cool, but I don't want to do so. I want to show how it was a the time he/she posted it. So, if the thread/post is 10 days old, I want that 10 days old data, not the updated one.

Why do I want this? Well, easy: I want to avoid cheating. If a user goes and trains his character, it will have better stats (yes, this character sheet will have fields like "power", "health", "mana", etc) so he/she can say: "Hey, my character sheet says that i have it so i can use it" but he/she did not have those new stats at that time.

It may sound silly but this is quite important for me. So, is there a way achieve this?

I think that MyBB should have some sort of thread or post table where it stores that information and that I can (somehow) modify that table to add this field. That's a first thought, i don't know if that's the better way. Other idea that came to my mind was to create a new table a keep record of this data in there, but... again, I want to know if there is a better way than those two.

Once again, sorry for my bad english, I am not a native speaker and... thanks in advance!


Edit: Almost forgot it. I like how this is going and I hope that you can solve my problem but I have another question: Is there a wat to add an option to the text editor so the users can click it and it would add the "[hoja_de_personaje]" inside their post? I know, that's like using a nuke to kill a single bug, but it would help me on future tasks if I came with more complex tags.


Edit 2: Hi!, well, this was quite difficult but I did it and it works. Either way, I would like to know if any of you think if this is a good method or if I should modify it.

- Table to upload my "character sheets previews":
$db->write_query("CREATE TABLE `".TABLE_PREFIX."rps_character_post_previews` (
            `aid` bigint(30) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
            `pid` int(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
            `preview` text NOT NULL,
            PRIMARY KEY (`aid`)
        ) ENGINE=MyISAM{$db->build_create_table_collation()};"

- Hook:
$plugins->add_hook('datahandler_post_insert_post_end', 'character_post_preview_save');

- Function to save the character preview: (saves the template with the data)
function character_post_preview_save(&$datahandler)
    global $mybb, $db, $templates, $myVar;

    $post = get_post($datahandler->pid);


    if(strpos($post['message'], '[hoja_de_personaje]') !== false)
        $character = get_character($post['uid']);

            $firstname = $character['firstname'];
            $lastname = $character['lastname'];
            $age = $character['age'];
            $gender = $character['gender'];
            eval('$myVar = "' . $templates->get('character_preview_template') . '";');

            $db->insert_query('rps_character_post_previews', [
                'pid'           => $post['pid'],
                'preview'       => $myVar,

- Function to show the data:
function character_post_preview_show(&$post)
    $preview = get_character_preview($post['pid']);

        $post['message'] = str_replace('[hoja_de_personaje]', '<b>Error:</b> La hoja de personaje no pudo ser localizada.', $post['message']);

    $post = str_replace('[hoja_de_personaje]', $preview, $post);

- Function used to get the preview in the "character_post_preview_show" function:
function get_character_preview($pid)
    global $db;

    $query = $db->simple_select('rps_character_post_previews', '*', "pid='{$pid}'");

        return NULL;

    $data = $db->fetch_array($query);

    return $data['preview'];

And that's it. I think that it is a lot of work to achieve but I want but this is the only way I could find.

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