Not Solved [General] Post area text and style disappears when WYSIWYG Editor Appears
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Hi, sorry for the flustercuck of a title, but here is the problem in a nutshell, every time the WYSIWYG editor loads, it changes the text that is in the post area box. The font face will change and font color, will turn black, and it makes the text hard to read on dark themes.

Here is what the box will look like before the editor buttons load, and/or if I refresh the page when there is text in the box.. the text color, font face and style of the text area itself is exactly how I wanted it, because it matches my skin.

[Image: syaZEMx.png]

But once the WYSIWYG editor loads a short time later, the text turns black, the font face is changed to Time's New Roman, and the style of the text area seems to change as well.

[Image: rr4ZMgt.png]

I have tried using Firebug to isolate the issue and to no avail. I didn't have this trouble with matching the editor theme to my custom theme in MyBB 1.6.16 and prior, but it is as if the "upgrade" to 1.8 basically removed the ability to customize the editor as easily as you could in MyBB 1.6. I had even tried to go back to MyBB 1.6.16 over this and many other issues with 1.8.x but that was impossible. So, I have had no choice but to work around these issues.

I have been having this problem for YEARS, this is no exaggeration either, and I have been lurking around here and various other MyBB support forums for a solution to this issue and nothing seems to work. I saw that some people were having similar problems, and the solutions in those threads, didn't work for me, and any follow up questions posted by others in those topics went unanswered.

It is almost as if, once the text area box with my css changes are loaded, it then loads another text area on top of that, and as a result I can't see my text. It seems like there is no name for the black text in the css, and so it just shows up as black text.

I have even tried specifying "!important;" in the global css, where I copied the css from the editor and text area, and it still didn't work. I was able to customize the buttons, but the text area still did whatever it wanted to do.

Why is this happening and is there any way to fix it? Also, would it be possible to stop the second text area from loading once the buttons show up? If the buttons just showed up themselves, and used my customized text area for the theme, then that would be perfect.

Thank you in advance for your time, and I apologize for the long post.
Growing list of unsolveable MyBB Support issues..

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