how to check logs for "Private Messages" basic headers?
On a small, esoteric forum, for several months, in "Who's Online" we've noticed one unknown zero-posts user logging in regularly (usually once per day), and only using the PM system.

It may be innocuous, or it might be someone evil using the forum as a "dropbox".

We're hoping there's a log file showing just non-invasive headers, including, on a per PM basis:
  • sender & recipient usernames
  • Subject
  • size
  • any file attachments
Ideally it's something that's easily grep'd. Smile

I found the plugin that lets one directly view PMs, however we'd like to start with a non-invasive Sanity Check. Smile
If this unknown is PM-ing known user(s), we'll just ask the known folks.
If it's PM-ing other unknown zero-posters, then we'll consider going invasive.

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