Not Solved [General] Physical Memory consumption in Cpanel is high
Not Solved
Mybb is installed in the root directory. I have only few plugins installed. Such as Advanced Sidebox, Page Manager, Thankyou/like plugin and MyAlerts.

And my site isn't even getting 100 visitors per day right now. But the Physical Memory (RAM) consumption is way to high. Its almost 10% of the total RAM and increasing everyday. I am using shared linux hosting here. So, I am confused I have only 512mb RAM. And if exceeds the limit then surely my hosting provider will tell me to upgrade which is going to be a problem because my site is not big enough so I can't afford. Is there anything I can do in Mybb?

Any suggestions!! That might help me.

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Physical Memory consumption in Cpanel is high - by vk_knight - 2019-02-02, 03:48 PM

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