Not Solved [General] Installing a SSl certificate
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(2019-02-03, 03:44 PM)Wires Wrote: A link to your forum would be helpful.

Firstly, your settings.php file shouldn't be empty. In your ACP > Tools & Maintenance, check to see that your settings.php file is writable. See here for what your file permissions should be set to. Also, be sure to check that your Board URL under ACP > Settings > Site Details has been updated to https:// instead of http://. You will also want to hit Save as well on the settings page so they can be written to the settings.php file.

If that doesn't work, take a look here.

I checked, the settings file is green and saying writable.

So, you are saying that if I update the url in ACP>Settings>Site Details, then I don't need to update the settings.php file? Or, I have to manually change it too?

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