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SEO Motionz Forum - Digital Marketing Community
(2019-05-09, 03:31 AM)vk_knight Wrote:
(2019-05-08, 09:37 PM)phpkiller Wrote: not bad nice but i realy hate the table theme system
its retarded i wished they make the default theme responsive using bootstrap or material or clarity

Mybb 1.9 will be responsive as I am hearing. So, keeping my fingers crossed.

well for me it dosnt mtter cuz im making my own theme based from nulledbb
but for now im just updating all the pages to use divs but after that i will start removing nulledbb css files nad make my own responsive theme, its ez not a big deal but it will be tricky when u make each block a spesefic size thats all , cuz u will remake all the design of the forum Smile

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