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1.8 Security update breaks the whole theme & customization
The security release 1.8.20 breaks the whole theme & customization of my forum and I have to delete everything. Thank god I took the backup of database and the whole forum before upgrading. But, if every fix does the same thing then it will be very difficult to continue with MyBB. I don't use a nulled script that's why I am using MyBB. The developers should keep it in mind that the security release or any stable release (except the major version changes like 1.x to 2.x) should not mess with most of the existing themes and plugins so that the forum owners don't face any problem like me OR the developers should release the major solutions like login button problem, login problem etc. along with the releases. For this they should test the release with every known problem before finally releasing it. The developers should keep in mind that users should not be sufferer.

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Security update breaks the whole theme & customization - by DarKMaSk - 2019-03-01, 09:07 AM

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