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1.8 Security update breaks the whole theme & customization
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
(2019-03-01, 03:05 PM)DarKMaSk Wrote: Anyway, after upgrading, almost all the 1.8x or 1.8.x themes are giving problem mainly in login section. In some, login buttons are not working, in some, authorization error.

Updating customized templates has always been a manual process, at most MyBB can assist by pointing out differences. Wrote:   Go to Admin CP > Templates & Style > Templates > Find Updated Templates. This will show you a list of all the templates that have changed during the upgrade.

   You can either revert these templates to their default - meaning all the changes you’ve made to it will be removed - or you can see a Diff Report which will show you exactly what’s changed. If you have a custom theme installed, it is probably best that you look at the Diff Report and apply the changes you need.

This process of course requires you to have some basic understanding about HTML/CSS/PHP (Template Variables)/how things works in general. The changes are usually simple (like adding a missing parameter). And if you still need help with that process, you can ask nicely.

(2019-03-01, 03:05 PM)DarKMaSk Wrote: So, whether I can able to administer my forum or not, that is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

That's right, it's your business. But you're offloading your problems and even giving 'advice' to developers and whatnot. So you are making it other people's business. Except no one will be able to help you that way, since this isn't even a problem with MyBB.

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