Not Solved (SOLVED) Theme exporting, missing out on files and changes?
Not Solved
Hi there, I recently downloaded the Blue Velvet theme, and it has underwent serious changes. Making the theme fully responsive and some bug fixes.
I did all this on a test forum, and now I'm trying to export the theme and import it onto the live forum.
However, I got unexpected results. There was not a thing changed.
When I go and copy all the edited and updated CSS files in the test forum /public_html/testforum/cache/theme/*.css and paste it to the live forums folder, replacing all the *.css files, the live version then works. (There are file size difference between the ones copied versus the ones I'm replacing on live forum, so this means that exporting the Blue Velvet theme with changes, didn't export any of the changes)

Now I know, I made it work copying the .css files, so what is the issue? The issue is that I'd like to share the work, since the .xml file is not exporting all the changes.
Please help?

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(SOLVED) Theme exporting, missing out on files and changes? - by matiasmunk - 2019-03-04, 12:57 PM

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