Not Solved MyBB Error (44)
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(2019-03-28, 04:42 PM)gudencsgo Wrote:
(2019-03-28, 04:35 PM)Michael2014 Wrote: This answer comes from Brian and his helpful article:

10. Error 44

Error Type: MyBB Error (44)

"Error Message: MyBB was unable to load the SQL extension.  

Information: This can occur when the database type is incorrect in inc/config.php file.

To fix this, open inc/config.php file and check the entry for $config['database']['type'].
A common issue is having mysql instead of mysqli, or having mysqli instead of mysql.

If you do not know what needs to be here, contact your host provider."

End quote.

MySQLI does not work either, when i do mysqli it doesnt throw any error, but it says theres issues with DB, and mysql throws error 44.

Did it work? Yes or no ? Smile
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