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MINI².info - German board about the (BMW) MINI
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Hey everyone,

With over 2,5 million posts and 60.000 threads MINI².info is the biggest bulettin board in Germany when it comes to the 'new' MINI produced by BMW.

This month we have finally migrated the board from vBulletin 3 to MyBB - after more than half a year of preparations.
We have used the MyBB Merge System in conjunction with quite a lot of custom SQL statements + own code to migrate all the data.
To keep supporting a TABLE BB-Code and not break the design of posts, we also implemented a custom Plugin: (needs some cleanup before providing it via the 'Extend' section)

If anyone else considers migrating an old vBulletin 3 forum to MyBB and needs some further information - feel free to let me know Smile
And should you be interested in the new MINI, we'd be happy if you join us  Wink

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MINI².info - German board about the (BMW) MINI - by jc_denton - 2019-04-16, 05:39 PM

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