[Rejected] Member List Setting Default Sort Order Issue
(2019-04-30, 07:27 PM)xerotic Wrote: I have just tested this and I find your report to be invalid in my testing.

I think you may be confusing what the memberlist.php text means. When you see the "[desc]" text that is a link to CHANGE the sort order to "descending". AKA... if you see "[desc]" text that means that the current order is actually "ascending" and vice versa.

Hi Xeritc.

I'm going to test again...  

You may be right, I may be wrong with the interpretation of the feature... so i am testing now... again...

Thank You!

today the feature worked perfectly, I changed the configuration and it worked well!  Confused

This is the second time it happens to me, that I change a configuration or setting the software MyBB and it is Not picked up by my browser Opera.... the Featuring its working very Well...

Thank you very much and Apologies for the Inconveniences, I reported it because I saw the error...  Confused  


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