[Rejected] Bug editing messages.lang.php in ACP
Hi, I found a strange bug trying to edit just 1 of the language files:

When editing the language variable text in this file:
ACP > Configuration > Languages > English (American) > Front End > messages.lang.php

I get this error upon clicking the "Save" button at the bottom, regardless if I've made a change or not:

"Not Acceptable! An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security."

I don't get the error when editing any of the other language files via ACP (although I only edited a few), AND... I do have the standard .htaccess file uncommented, that is supposed to disable Mod_Security.

I was able to edit the messages.lang.php file directly via my CPanel File Manager > Edit function, but I thought I would report this in case there is a syntax error or something with that file... I even replaced the file with the one from the full install package just in case, but same error, and only with that file.

MyBB version 1.8.20 with PHP v7.1.14

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